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Candid Smiles Back

Making Orthodontic Treatment Accessible for All

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Here at Candid™, we never want to be the only ones smiling. To bring healthy and happy smiles to people everywhere, we’ve launched “Candid Smiles Back,” an initiative with the specific goal of fulfilling Candid’s long-term commitment to providing affordable, convenient access to oral care, and ultimately improving lives around the world. To kick it off, we’ve partnered with Smile Train, an international children’s charity that has provided 100%-free cleft repair surgery for nearly 20 years to more than one million children around the world.
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Smile Train’s comprehensive cleft care programs include essential treatments beyond cleft repair surgery such as orthodontic care. As a leading provider of direct-to-consumer orthodontia across the US, this partnership - more than ever before - serves as a natural alliance and powerful way for Candid™ and Smile Train to combine forces towards meeting a common goal.

In the first year of our partnership, Candid™ will be providing orthodontic treatment to 130 children in Argentina and Brazil, and funding a 3-day infant orthodontics training program for orthodontists in Mexico.

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Perhaps most importantly, our customers will play an integral role in driving this train! A portion of sales from each aligner kit will fund this do-good mission. So really – we couldn’t do it without you!

What’s that mean for you? Well, to begin – kick-start your own teeth-straightening journey by getting a modeling kit! Tell your friends to get their modeling kits! This is the first step towards both getting the smile you’ve always wanted and helping children in need get the smile they deserve. Know that because Smile Train also uses the money Candid™ donates where it is most needed, your actions really do matter.

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Already got your kit? Make a donation! Oral surgery and orthodontia can be expensive – and every dollar counts. Plus, instead of just providing for oral care, by also contributing to training efforts, Candid™ helps to empower a greater number of local doctors with the skills required to make a difference.

You’re here because you know how important it is to lead with a beautiful smile. You understand how a smile can change your look, change your message, and even change your life. You understand, more than ever, how important oral care is to your overall physical and mental health.

So, come on now, get involved and Smile Back with us!

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